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For its residents, Braestone is an experience of the countryside, on a tract of land where the essential rural character will remain largely unchanged.
    PHASE 8
A Stone Entry Gates
B Nature & Wildlife Preserve
C Starfall (The Observatory)
D The Toboggan Hill
E The Sugar Bush
F The Fishing Ponds
G The Woodland Hideaway
H The Red Pines
I Field of Dreams (Baseball Diamond)
J The Skating/Toy Boat Pond
K The Orchards (Apple & Pear)
L Implement Sheds
M The Sugar Shack
N The Apiary (Honey Hut)
O The Christmas Tree Farm
P The Berry Patch
Q The Barn
R The Pumpkin Patch
S The Corn Field
T The Vineyard
U The Paddocks
V Discovery Centre
All renderings are artist’s concept and subject to change without notice.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5
Phase 6
Phase 7
Phase 8
Cedar Rail Fence The Trail System
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