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architecture designed by time and place
Inspiration awakened by the perfect setting and the ideal moment.
In addition to its eco-sensitive planning principles, Braestone will also be known for its residential architecture – a simple but cleanly modern interpretation of “country style” influenced by the practicality and purposefulness of the 19th century farmhouses, sheds and barns of the region.
The community of Braestone boasts a thoughtful collection of home styles including bungalows, bungalows with loft options, and two-storey plans.
Nothing in this architectural vernacular appears over-done or excessive. Each element, including the dormered rooflines and wide, covered verandas, has a reason. The interior emphasis is on the common or shared areas of the home, in particular the kitchen and the “grand room” that combine relaxed living and informal dining – the spaces where families instinctively gather.
As was the case with early farmsteads that branched out over a period of time as families grew, Braestone’s plans are also flexible and expandable – allowing
the owners to configure a home that precisely meets their needs. Braestone is a chance to be part of a pastoral, near vanished way of life that is both historic and in the moment, and near to everything but secluded at the same time.
Please visit for floor plans.

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