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  on-site amenities like no other
We looked to the landscape for inspiration and created our very own “Remarkables” for Braestone – life-enriching amenities that will foster a richer, deeper connection with the land and a more substantive lifestyle for residents of all ages.
Born of the land, Braestone’s Remarkables are simple and timeless amenities that have grown naturally out of the community’s own unique and magnificent landscape. Hiking, Nordic skiing, maple sugar tapping and orchard and berry picking are just some of the many remarkable experiences homeowners enjoy living here.
There are literally dozens of Remarkables that differentiate and define Braestone at a highly emotional level. Purity and simplicity and their importance to life in a world that threatens to overwhelm us are articulated in the experience of pond-skating or sliding down an eighth-of-a-mile toboggan hill, walking waist-deep in a field of flowers to the woodland hideaway or watching the sun set and the stars shine atop the observatory hill called Starfall. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” said Da Vinci and residents of Braestone appreciate the nuances of this adage as they experience Braestone’s Remarkables firsthand.

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