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vision becomes reality
Braestone offers a rich palette of lifestyle opportunities so that each and every day is yours to create anew.
  When we began planning Braestone, we knew that what we did here had to be different. And, it had to be exceptional. We imagined Braestone as an authentic reflection of refined country living with an inspiring landscape and distinctive architecture. In creating Braestone, we began with a property and a location that we really loved, and incorporated some of our best ideas about how people would want to live and what they would want to experience.
We created a captivating story because what makes this community particularly special are the experiences that families share and the memories they are building together. We were deliberate in creating many of the simple past time pleasures that have been absent or forgotten in today’s traditional communities.
Inherent to this vision is the neighbouring Braestone Farm and exclusive on-site amenities that clearly distinguish this community from every other in the
region. These amenities, known as our Remarkables, strongly influenced the planning and vision for Braestone to ensure it will remain, a one-of-a-kind community for its residents.
For example, the Braestone Farm includes a sugar shack where, in March, residents can participate in making maple syrup. In winter, families toboggan and snow-tube down an eighth-mile incline that runs from the top of the ridge to the valley below. They explore its extensive walking, cycling and cross-country skiing trails. They draw inspiration and renewal from the vistas and the seasons.
With 60 percent of the land protected in an unspoiled state, the countryside, while providing privacy, establishes a binding, purposeful and meaningful sense of community. Nowhere is this truer than in our final two secluded enclaves, each possessing their own unique character and beauty.

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